July ratings

From July 11 till August 6, join battles on your favorite aircraft and earn medals, equipment, gold, and other prizes for your battle achievements! Read more Discuss on Forum

Update 2.1

On July 11 from 08:00 CEST, UTC+2 till 12:00 CEST, UTC+2, the servers will undergo maintenance to deploy Update 2.1. This update introduces new aircraft, equipment, and much more. Read more Discuss on Foru...

Axis and Allies

From July 5 till July 15, you will have a great opportunity to become the owner of legendary warbirds of World War II and add 10 exclusive aircraft to your Hangar at once! Read more

Ready for battle

From July 4 to 8, take to the skies in World of Warplanes! Join battles, complete missions, and receive crew experience and ammunition for your warbirds! Read more Discuss on Forum

July Deals

From July 1 till August 1, the Premium Shop will offer you bundles with gold, supply crates, and personal battle missions to make your time in-game more comfortable! Read more Discuss on Forum ...

Pathfinder games

Join battles on your favorite warbird, complete missions, and receive valuable rewards! And don't miss the extra XP for your first victory, as well as special discounts on free experience conversion and aircraft! Read m...

Danger Zone

Our radar spotted enemy aircraft! Our location is becoming dangerous! Launch your warbirds! And don't miss the extra XP for your first victory, special missions, and valuable rewards! Read more Discuss on ...