Greetings! Hope everyone is doing marvellous today! I just made public my newest tank video where I got the pleasure to be given a private tour inside of one of this year’s Tankfest biggest attractions, Saumur‘s Panther! It felt fitting to publish this today as I am going to be in France by the end […]

WoWs: Claim Your Compensation Now!

EU Weekday Server Issue Last Thursday (11/07/19), we had some server issues which prevented a lot of you from playing World of Warships. To make up for the disruption and inconvenience caused, we are offering compensation. You can claim your compensation until: Fri. 26 Jul. 23:59 CEST (UTC+2) / your local time: Fri. 26 Jul. 22:59 […]

WoT: Frontline Episode 6 Begins!

Episode 6 of Frontline 2019 will kick off on 15 July 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)  and will be available for one week, until 22 July 04:00 CEST (UTC+2). This is your chance to participate in and experience epic 30v30 battles, win heaps of rewards, and join the race for formidable reward tanks! Also, we’ve got the intel on Episode 7. […]

Tank Chats #80 Black Prince

Another in the series from the Bovington tank Museum. Enjoy. The Tank Museum has the only surviving example of the Second World War prototype tank, the A43 Black Prince. The designers of the Churchill tank were commissioned to build a tank which could hold the larger 17 pounder gun. The Centurion was chosen to go […]

World of Tanks: Micropatch 1.5.1_5.1

SEA and EU have made this announcement two days earlier than normal but I suppose it saves someone working on Sunday. For SEA. World of Tanks Asia periphery servers will be undergoing maintenance on 15 July, 2019 at around 11:00 UTC+8 to deploy micropatch 1.5.1_5.1. No downtime is required. Patch Notes. Add new folder for mods. For EU […]

WoT: Developer Diaries: Disabling Friendly Fire

With Update 1.6, damaging allies by shooting and ramming them will be disabled in all types of Random Battles. This change showed good results in Ranked Battles and now it’s coming to Random Battles. Learn more about the changes to the allied damage system in this new video.

WoWS: ST, changes to test ships

Greetings, Will be posting more of these in the future:   French destroyer Siroco, tier V: Detectability range by air is lowered from 3.36 km to 2.7 km; Main Battery Reload Booster and Engine Boost consumables are changed place. Now, Siroco’s consumables are arranged in the same order as the researchable French destroyers. French destroyer […]