Lost City (Ghost Town) in HD 1.4 WOT

This map first entered supertest in July 2018 and we last reported on it here ” Final test Lost City map “. The video shows it as in the current 1.4 test client. The map has grown to 1,000m x 1,000m and lost much of Russian signage identity and become more generic. Last we have a

Chinese New Year Style

This style will be available in patch 1.4 probably for all regions. Chinese New Year is celebrated on 05.02.2019. BTW 2019. is a year of Earth Pig which will bring luck to all of us overweight and obese WOT players 🙂

World of Tanks Micropatch 1.3.6

Greetings Tankers,  Tomorrow we will have a micro-patch, due to this update the servers will be unavailable on 16.01.2019 from 05:00 – 05:45 CET.  The Clan portal will also be unavailable 16.01.2019 05:00 CET – 05:45 CET  The patch should help solve some minor technical issues in the game.  Thank you for your understanding!  Good Hunting,  … Continue reading World of Tanks Micropatch 1.3.6