Crew Books

Source: EU Portal Crew is crucial! With the release of Update 1.5.1, we’re introducing a new feature, Crew Books, allowing you to speed up training one or more crew members by instantly adding a certain amount of Crew XP. You can get Crew Books: As rewards in various game events As free items from Rewards … Continue reading Crew Books

„Ski_patrol” 3D Style for 🇸🇪 UDES 14 Alt 5 Pictures

Up to ten 3D styles for different vehicles have been added in the 1.5.1 update. The first style is dedicated to the UDES 14 Alt 5 (MT-8, Sweden, standard). Sweden is a country of harsh, snowy winters, so skiing is not a luxury, but a necessary means of transport, which the crew uses to carry … Continue reading „Ski_patrol” 3D Style for 🇸🇪 UDES 14 Alt 5 Pictures

Account wipe disabled until further notice (EU)

Source: WG EU Support „Commanders! Due to unforeseen technical issues, we are forced to disable account wipes in World of Tanks. All wipe account requests will be rejected until further notice. When the issue is fixed we will update this announcement. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Player Support”